NGS Enterprises Provides a Complete Networking,  CCTV & Security Surveillance  solutions. We provide consultancy, feasibility studies, Network Designing, Designing of Cabling, Rack Designing, Piping Layout Planning, Cabling Layout Planning, Estimation of the Projects, Networking Solutions for Projects.

We provide solutions, consultancy on new/existing Projects, solutions or Repair the old/ Existing LAN/WAN or any IT Related Problem for using our skills to add experience and value. Whether you have in-house expertise or not, our experiences gathered from working with businesses in all sectors can be used to help you.

IT projects can be difficult to manage, ensuring all the elements come together to deliver on time. Our engineers are experienced in project management and can be used for this to ensure the investment you have made is delivered to the standard you require.

Web Services :

  •     Domains Registration
  •     Website Hosting
  •     SEO Services
  •     Website Development
  •     Website Designing
  •     Java Hosting
  •     Email Hosting
  •     Linux Hosting
  •     Windows Hosting
  •     Linux Hosting
  •     Directories Submission
  •     Search Engines Submission
  •     Articles Submission

Networking Services :-

  •     LAN / WAN
  •     Data Recovery
  •     Video Conferencing
  •     Optical Fiber Projects
  •     Structured cabling
  •     Wireless Systems / Radio Trunking systems
  •     WAN Connectivity using Radios
  •     EPABX Supply & Installation
  •     PIJF Cabling Projects
  •     LAN Projects & Voice Cabling
  •     UPS Cabling
  •     CCTV Cabling
  •     Electrical Cabling